Suzy’s Fuzzy Greyhound Cocktail

Suzy’s Fuzzy Greyhound Cocktail by

Clark and Suzy Neal with Unicoi Preserves


Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 0 | Serves: 1

Shopping List

  • 2 oz. ruby red grapefruit vodka
  • 2 oz. grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1 oz. simple syrup
  • 1 tbsp. aquafaba
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 2 grates of grapefruit zest


  • 1. Place vodka, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, aquafaba and ice cubes into a cocktail shaker, secure lid firmly.
  • 2. Shake 1 minute.
  • 3. Strain drink into a cocktail coup.
  • 4. Finish with a few grates of grapefruit zest.
  • Notes: To make simple syrup, mix 1 cup granulated sugar with 1 cup water. Bring to a boil to dissolve sugar. Cool and refrigerate in a jar.
  • What the heck is aquafaba?! It’s the brine drained from a can of chickpeas that’s virtually flavorless. Aquafaba is vegan and can replace egg whites in cocktails to give them froth and a nice mouth feel.
  • I created this cocktail in memory of all the rescued greyhounds Clark and I adopted over the years. As greyhounds age, their sleek coat gets thicker and fuzzier. Cheers to you, Fox!