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Browser Issues

The Ingles web site is viewable by any internet web browser on any device. The latest versions of browsers will work the best. Any of these recent browsers should do:

Mozilla Firefox (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)
MIcrosoft Edge (Windows, Mac)
Google Chrome (Windows, iOS, Android)
Safari (Mac, iOS)

Our site is accessible to older web browsers, though it may be presented as plain text. We do this to support users who may be accessing our site using assistive devices and/or text browsers, thus increasing the overall accessibility to our online services.

"I can't find something on your site..."

You can try to use our search tool.
Or, you can try and find your way using our site map.
Lastly, feel free to contact Customer Service or the Webmaster.

Outdated Content

We try to make sure your browser is seeing the latest version of each page on our site every time you visit. However, there are some ISPs (including AOL and Netzero) that cache our pages and do not update them in a timely manner, as well as user settings which we may not be able to override. To make sure you are seeing the latest version of a page, try emptying the cache in your browser.