Ingles Green Initiatives

Ingles takes many initiatives to improve sustainability in our stores, our products, in our warehouse and distribution system. We work with manufacturers to develop products that are more concentrated. This reduces the cost of shipping by having less weight. We also work with our vendors to reduce packaging size and waste and encourage them to use recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Ingles also encourages our customers to return plastic bags to our stores for recycling.

Energy Management


  • Ingles uses LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes) in our glass doors and multi-deck meat cases, saving 55-65% in energy expense. We are investigating expansion of the use of the LED lighting in other cases and walk-in coolers & freezers to further increase energy efficiency.
  • Ingles is installing skylights in our stores to make use of outdoor light. A computerized energy management system turns off half the sales floor lighting when light levels reach an appropriate point. This system also controls lights and equipment in various departments in the store. This assures all equipment is off when not in use.
  • Ingles is installing occupancy motion sensors in back rooms and walk-in coolers & freezers to turn the lights off automatically when nobody is in the area. Lighting in our walk-in coolers & freezers is automatically controlled with door switches.


  • Ingles uses a process called heat rejection to capture heat from our refrigeration compressors. This recycled heat is used in various parts of the store, such as hot water for department use, defrosting refrigerated cases as well as store heating. We plan to expand this process in all new stores.
  • Ingles uses computerized systems to control temperatures of all refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers & freezers.


  • Ingles controls our in-store temperature by using energy management computer systems with appropriate off-hours temperature adjustments.

Ingles Distribution Center

Buying local is an important initiative in all departments which reduces transportation cost and fuel usage. Our Distribution Center delivers groceries to our stores in six states but the trucks do not return empty, wasting fuel. Most of the time our delivery trucks pick up groceries to return to our warehouse for distribution.

The Distribution Center recycles its cardboard, plastic wrap & bags, plastic pallets & corner board and white-wood pallets. Our stores also participate in recycle programs with their cardboard, plastic wrap and bags.