The Ingles Advantage™ Card


Advantage™ Card FAQ




  • How does the card work?
    The Ingles Advantage Card provides discounts exclusive to card-holders. Items in the Ingles Advantage program are marked throughout the store with a special tag featuring a picture of the Advantage Card. At the time of checkout hand your Ingles Advantage Card to the cashier to scan. Ingles Advantage Card savings will be automatically deducted from your total purchase, and a summary of the savings for that transaction are printed right on your receipt.
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  • When can I start saving?
    You can start saving the first time you use the Ingles Advantage Card. Just present the card before the cashier begins to scan the groceries and start saving - it's that simple.
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  • What happens if I forget my card?
    See store customer service. If you forget your card, we can look up your Ingles Advantage Card number at the store customer service by your phone number, or you have the option to sign-up for a replacement/new card at that time. Discounts are only available when your card is presented to the cashier at the time of the transaction.
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  • What special offers do I get?
    You will receive discounted prices on all of the specially marked products in the store. These discounted products are marked on the shelf and in the weekly circular. We will send special offers in the mail to you periodically
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  • What is the Tools for Schools Program?
    When you sign-up for the Tools for Schools program and make purchases using your Ingles Advantage Card, Ingles will give back to the schools a portion of the total sales to be used by the schools to purchase computers and school supplies
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  • How do I sign-up for Tools for Schools?
    You may sign up at your local Ingles store, at participating schools, or at Ingles web site. Simply fill out a Tools for Schools application. It's that simple. The sign-up is a one-time process that will take place at the beginning of each school year. The school that is chosen is linked to your Ingles Advantage Card until the following May. You must re-enroll your Ingles Advantage Card at the beginning of each school year. Ingles will maintain a cumulative total for the selected school (limit 1 school per household) and will provide the reward to the school on the pay out period date.
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  • How do I know the school's code number?
    Schools will communicate the number to you through PTA meetings, newsletters, etc. OR a list of schools signed up to participate in your store's market area will be available at the customer service desk. Schools that are not registered should contact Ingles Tools for Schools coordinator at 1-800-635-5066 ext. 421 for a registration form.
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