Ingles AdvantageMail FAQ


How does Ingles AdvantageMail work?
We will look through the weekly ad each week and identify the items that are on sale that you normally buy. Each Ingles AdvantageMail email will feature the top 9 items from that week's ad based on your shopping history.

How do I sign up?
Visit our AdvantageMail website to sign up your Ingles Advantage Card for this free service. You'll just need to tell us your Ingles Advantage Card number, the store you normally shop at, and the email address you want AdvantageMail to come to. We'll take care of the rest!

When I will start receiving AdvantageMail?
Submissions received Wednesday before midnight will receive their first AdvantageMail on the following Wednesday. Emails will be delivered each Wednesday morning.

Will I still get my printed weekly circular?
Yes, you will still receive your printed weekly circular in the mail or in your local newspaper. This free service just keeps you from missing out on the best deals for you.

What if I don't have an Ingles Advantage Card?
You can sign up for an Ingles Advantage Card at any of our Ingles stores.

Can I have AdvantageMail sent to more than one email address?
Definitely - you can sign up one Advantage card for each email address you would like AdvantageMail sent to.

What if my family has more than one Advantage Card - which one do I sign up?
If your Ingles Advantage Cards are linked together, you can sign up any of the cards. If you aren't sure if your cards are linked together, you can contact Customer Service at 866-226-7168.

I lost or replaced the Ingles Advantage Card I signed up for AdvantageMail. Do I need to sign up my new Ingles Advantage Card?
You will need to link your new Advantage Card with your old Advantage Card to keep your past shopping history with the purchases you'll make on the new card. You can link your new card to your old card by filling out a change form at the Customer Service desk at your local Ingles store.