The sign above our meat department says “Best Meat in Town”.  We can have that sign because it is true. 

meatAt Ingles we only sell USDA CHOICE or PRIME, the top two grades of beef.  Most grocery retailers and specialty markets only sell select. When you visit our butcher style meat market you will notice the huge selection, the onsite market manager and that all of our beef is cut fresh in the store. Whatever cut you’re looking for and however you want it trimmed, you can have it, and our ground beef is ground several times a day, fresh in the store.  There is never the guessing game that comes with prepackaged beef.

 beefDid you know Ingles carries several varieties of organic and natural beef, as well as pork and chicken?  In addition, our butcher shop is the only place you can find Harvest Farms Brand.  And, don’t forget to check out some of our nontraditional meats, such as Bison. There is always someone there ready to help you.

So when you start from the best grade of beef, and add a full service butcher style market, friendly, trained professionals, grain fed and organic selections, Harvest Farms brand and exceptional quality and variety, what do you have…..The best meat in town!