Scott Culpepper

Scott Culpepper

I started my career in the F&B industry 31 years ago after being Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps. While in college I took a part time job in a restaurant as a dishwasher. I was quickly promoted to prep-cook, then cook, a server/bartender and then to assistant manager. I received a degree in architecture and design and held three flight instructor certificates. During the time I spent achieving my degree and certificates I always worked in restaurants along side some amazing and creative chefs.

I grew up in a very small Arizona town where the best restaurants were the Mexican restaurants filled with Mexican food specific to my town. My parents were never food explorers but our freezer was always filled with some kind of wild game and fish. I was very curious about wine and food but was never exposed to it. This is the reason why I grew up always wanting to try new and unusual foods.

I love to entertain at home. I am always trying new and unusual recipes on my family and friends to get honest feedback as to what and how I can make things better. My husband and I are constantly challenging one another in the kitchen by giving each other a three ingredient challenge where we come up with recipes given the three ingredients and pairing it with whatever else we want. It forces both of us to get very creative. I also love to watch any cooking show that is available. I love to get ideas and incorporate them into my own dish.

I love food and very rarely come across food I don't like. I will always try anything once. After all, if one doesn't try it how will one every know one is going to like it or not?

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