Dr. Monique May

Dr. Monique May

Dr. Monique May, the Physician In The Kitchen, is a board-certified family physician who enjoys helping busy households enjoy healthy plant-based eating without impacting their hectic schedules.

After practicing clinically for more than 20 years and embarking upon her own plant-based journey, Dr. Monique then attended a vegan culinary school, where she learned how to prepare plant-based meals that are both delicious and healthy.

She is a two-time best-selling author, and her first cookbook, Doc Fix My Plate! The Physician In The Kitchen's Prescriptions For Your Healthy Meal Makeover, is now available. It includes recipes inspired by family favorites passed down from her grandmother and mother, and other "vegan-ized" versions of common dishes.

A native New "Yawk-er", Dr. Monique fell in love with North Carolina during her days as a Tarheel in Chapel Hill, and after attending medical school at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, she moved back and settled in the Charlotte area.

When she is not busy creating recipes in her kitchen (or as she affectionately refers to it, her "lab"), Dr. Monique likes to visit farmers' markets, shop for kitchen gadgets, travel, and exercise.

Be sure to follow her kitchen adventures @physicianinthekitchen.

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