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Paying at the Pumps? SAVE at the Supermarket!

May 27, 2007 | 8:00 pm

-Leah McGrath,RD, LDN - Corporate Dietitian, Ingles Supermarkets

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- (May 28, 2007) -- Rising prices at the gas pumps mean that many of us are looking to economize elsewhere in our daily routines. One area is the supermarket. While clipping coupons, watching for sales, and buying in larger quantities have long been methods to save money; your biggest savings may be when you take the time to compare private label (store brand) and manufacturer brands. Years ago most supermarkets sold generic items that had plain, no frills packaging and simple black lettering. While generic foods were less expensive than brand-name products, they were generally considered to be low quality.

The world of private label and store brands has changed markedly with supermarkets like Ingles featuring attractively packaged private label (Laura Lynn, Ingles Best) items that are of comparable quality to their brand name cousins. While many of us are attached to brand name products, it is worth it to take a look at potential savings we can realize in different areas of the store by buying private label versus brand-name.

For the sake of comparison I chose products with the same volume/weight and as close to identical nutritional profiles (calories, fat grams, sodium, etc) as I could find. Please note that the prices below reflect shelf prices and do not include additional Ingles Advantage card savings. Take a look at some of the brand-name products that you buy regularly and then look for their private label equivalent; you may be surprised at how much money you'll save!

privatelabel Paying at the Pumps? SAVE at the Supermarket! | Ingles Markets - Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Pharmacies

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