The Ingles Pharmacy Advantage
The Ingles Advantage Prescription Club


  • Ingles Advantage Card Required
  • $5 individual membership fee per year
  • $3.00 Prescriptions are for a 30-day supply of a covered generic drug at a commonly prescribed dosage
  • Valid only at all pharmacy locations.

The Ingles Advantage Card just got better. With discounts on various items throughout the store and now the pharmacy, you could save your family dollars at the register. Ingles Advantage members can now enroll in the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club for only $10 yearly, which covers your entire family or $5 for an individual.

Click Below for a list of generic drugs covered.
$3 List by Primary Use


What if I have other prescription discount cards?
In most cases, the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club offers equivalent or better pricing. There is no need to continue purchasing your old discount card.

Is the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club a substitute for prescription insurance?
No. If you already have prescription coverage, you will need to choose between purchasing your prescription medications using the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club OR paying the applicable co-pay amount under your insurance program.

How long does it take to receive my card?
You may already have the Ingles Advantage Card. If so, when you sign up for the Prescription Advantage Club at the pharmacy, we will add this benefit to your card. Otherwise, your Ingles Advantage Card can be issued to you in only a few minutes. The savings will start immediately after receiving your Advantage card.

The Ingles Advantage Prescription Club discounts prescriptions for individuals who have no prescription drug coverage or insufficient drug coverage. Members are entitled to discounted cash prices for select medications.

The Ingles Advantage Prescription Club formulary offers select medications in all classes of drugs currently available on the market. Ingles reserves the right to modify the formulary at any time by adding or deleting medications.

You may cancel your membership within 30 days of signing up, for a full refund of your membership fees. If you would like to cancel your membership, please see the pharmacist for your in-store refund. Ingles reserves the right to terminate the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club program at any time.

If you do not have prescription drug coverage or your insurance does not cover all your prescription drug needs, the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club may provide significant savings on medications for you and your family. Club members can receive discount prices on medications similar to what large health insurance companies offer to their members.

Your membership includes prescription savings on thousands of name brand and generic medications. In addition, prescriptions on select generic medications are available to you for $3 for a 30-day supply.

And don't forget the benefits of having the Ingles Advantage card for all your grocery needs. Food and Pharmacy savings for your family all on one convenient card and one easy stop.

Need two or three month's worth of medicine at a time? No problem! See your Ingles Pharmacist for more information.

Sign Up is Easy

Stop by any Ingles Pharmacy to enroll.
  • Sign up for an Ingles Advantage Card if you do not already have one.
  • The prescription savings will begin the same day.
  • Enrollment into the Ingles Advantage Prescription Club requires an annual fee of $10 for your family or $5 for an individual.
  • In addition to the great savings the club membership offers, the Ingles Advantage Card will save you money throughout the store

*Persons enrolled in a publicly funded health care program are ineligible. See Pharmacist for complete details.