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Are you looking for quick, satisfying meals that you can cook for your family? The Ingles Table is all tablelogo clearabout bringing you easy, family-friendly recipes and tips from some of the best foodies in the region. All of us at Ingles believe that the best things in life start with food.  The more we learn, the farther we will go... so let's start cooking!  Go to now and get started.

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Lindsay Moore

I’m Lindsay and I’m an always aspiring cook living an extra-ordinary life on Lake Bowen in Spartanburg, SC. Just a Little Organic, or JALO for short, is my place to chronicle life as a cereal grazer while sharing my passion for food, healthy living and nature with friends and family. 

Organic is a word I prefer to precede things like produce, products, and people, but that’s not very realistic all the time and I’m alright with that. Just a little organic is better than not at all, but I prefer to keep it real.

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