Nutrition Information for Deli

Nutrition Information for Deli Salads
(serving size 3.5 ounce)


Rotisserie Chicken Salad

250 calories; 19 gm fat (3 gm saturated, 0 trans fat); 60 mg cholesterol, 350 mg sodium; 1 gm carbohydrate; 19 gm protein

Gourmet Deli Chicken Salad

280 calories; 22 gm fat (3.5 gm saturated, 0 trans fat); 50 mg cholesterol, 200 mg sodium, 5 mg carbohydrate, 14 mg protein

Rotisserie Chickens (Per Serving)

4oz of the chicken (regardless of flavor) is 200 cal; 14 grams fat; 290 mg sodium and 17 grams protein.

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