The Ingles Information Aisle Podcast

Ingles Dietitian, Leah McGrath takes your questions on nutrition, diets, and healthy eating and talks to area experts on everything from locally grown products to nutrition for pets and from heart disease to raising healthy kids.

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Title Date

Buchi Kombucha

Leah talks with Sara Schomber and Jeannine Buscher of Buchi Kombucha.


Plant Based Diet

Leah talks with Dietitian Sharon Palmer author of 'Plant-Powered Diet' about a Plant-Based Diet.


Celiac Disease

Leah talks with Carol Shilson the executive director of The University of Chicago's celiac disease center.


Anne Fitten Glenn - Beer

Leah talks with Anne Fitten Glenn about beer and her book Asheville Beer: An Intoxicating History of Mountain Brewing.


Dave Grotto

Leah talks with David Grotto Guyatitian.


Body Image

Leah talks with Marsha Hudnall from Green Mountain At Fox Run the oldest all-women's weight loss spa and retreat.



Leah talks about new and exciting foods at Ingles. She interviews Julie Busha about Slawsa. Slawsa breaks the mold of modern condiments, boldly creating a whole new category of food, and standing alone in its realm of flavor.


Makeover Moms

Leah talks with Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss who are registered dietitians and The Meal Makeover Moms. As two of the nation's top experts on family nutrition, they're on a mission to help busy families eat better.


Jules Shepard of Jules Gluten Free

Leah talks with Jules Shepard of Jules Gluten Free.


Roots Hummus

Leah talks with Matt Parish of Roots Foods a company that sells sustainable and seasonal food.


Lynn Chappell - SC Peach Grower

Leah talks to Lynn Chappell - SC Peach Grower.


Robyn Webb - Diabetes and Diabetes Cooking

Leah talks Robyn Webb about diabetes and diabetes cooking and her book 'The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook.


Sherry Coleman Collins - National Peanut Board

Leah talks to Sherry Coleman Collins senior manager for marketing and communications for the National Peanut Board.


Do More Bars

Leah talks to Tammy Woods of Do More Bars.


Patricia Bannan

Leah talks to Patricia Bannan on how to make better choices when cooking meals.


Nahtalie Dupree

Leah talks to Nahtalie Dupree - chef, author and personality.


City Bakery

Leah talks with Brian Dennehy owner of City Bakery.


Diabetes Store Tour

Leah talks about keys to carbohydrate counting and how to make the best choices at Ingles to control your blood sugar.


Council on Aging

Leah talks to Wendy Marsh director of the Council On Aging for Buncombe County.


Ingles Pharmacy

Leah talks about Ingles Pharmacy.