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Ingles Dietitian, Leah McGrath takes your questions on nutrition, diets, and healthy eating and talks to area experts on everything from locally grown products to nutrition for pets and from heart disease to raising healthy kids.

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Title Date

Sheila Dail - USAir Flight Attendant - Nutrition when Traveling

Leah talks with Sheila Dail a USAir flight attendant about nutrition when traveling


Different Types of Cheeses

Leah and the Executive Chef at Tupelo Honey talk about different types of cheeses. Click Here for Download


Kelby Carr From Type-A Mom

Leah talks with Kelby Carr from Type-A Mom ( about the influence and power of social media.


Bonnie Taub-Dix - Dietitian and Author of Read it Before You Eat It

Leah talks to Bonnie Taub-Dix - Dietitian and Author of Read it Before You Eat It.


Lisa Lillien from Hungry Girl

Leah talks to Lisa Lillien author of The Hungry Girl recipe book.


Ingles Information Aisle

Leah talks to Jeff Lilly of Van Wingerden


Ingles Pharmacy and the $3 Generic Program

Leah talks to Troy McNeil a regional pharmacy specialist for Ingles Pharmacies.


Duplin Winery

Leah talks to Dave Fussell if Duplin Winery.


Ashley English - City Girl Becomes Farmer

Leah talks to Ashley English - City Girl Becomes Farmer.


Tools For Schools

Leah talks with Melissa Leavell about the Tools For Schools program.


Meals On Wheels

Leah talks to Linda Wozniak the registered dietitian for Meals on Wheels


Hollar And Greene

Leah talks Jeff Greene of Hollar And Green about locally grown produce.


Bclip Productions - An Inside Look at Ingles' Commercials

Leah talks with Chris Bainbridge Director of Productions for Bclip Productions.


Interview With The Dietitian for The Commissary System

Leah talks with Lt. Col. Karen Hawkins, the Dietitian for the Commissary system (the Military's Supermarkets).


Nancy Piho, author of "My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus"

Leah talks with Nancy Piho, author of 'My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus'.


The Full Plate Diet

Leah talks with Dr. Diana Fleming one of the authors of the Full Plate Diet.


Shelley Case, Dietitian, Author of "The Gluten-Free Diet" & Celiac Disease Expert

Leah talks with Shelley Case, Dietitian, Author of 'The Gluten-Free Diet' and Celiac Disease Expert.


Buchi Kombucha

Leah talks with Sara Schomber and Jeannine Buscher of Buchi Kombucha.


English Farms Milk

Leah talks with Susan and Terry English from English Farms in Marion, NC


School Lunch

Leah talks with dietitian Dayle Hayes about school lunch nutrition.


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