Community Giving

Manna Food Bank quotes... 
"Without Ingles, thousands of men, women and children in need would have gone without food. In big and small ways, Ingles has supportedMANNA FoodBank, enabling them to fulfill their mission of feeding those in need."

Since Robert P. Ingle opened his first store in 1963, Ingles Markets has been committed to the communities in which we serve. This tradition of giving continues at Ingles today.

We are pleased to help organizations in need and wish it were possible to honor all worthwhile causes. Our focus for community giving is concentrated in the following areas:

  • Education of Children
  • Eliminating Hunger
  • Meeting Specific Community Needs

Eblen 2014 Turkey Give-A-Away

Ingles Employee Anthony Stephons WLOS Person of the Week 


Ingles Burton Street Community

Tools For Schools Donation Day 2014



The "Food For Thought" Program

Ingles was honored at a luncheon in Asheville North Carolina today for their partnership with Eblen Charities and The "food for thought" program. 

Ingles and their participating vendors have contributed nearly 100K snacks to provide every child in need a daily school snack and a chance at a better learning experience.Kraft, Conagra, McCormick and Nestle are among Ingles Vendor partners who donated the snacks. 

Attending the lunch were representatives from area school boards, City and County officials, Ingles Markets, vendors and Eblen Board Members

2012 Ingles Turkey Givaway 

Hunger Games and Manna Food Bank 

Ingles Giving Tree Thank You

Paying It Forward

A group of 25 New York firefighters and hundreds of volunteers from around the country gathered in Georgia to pay it forward and say "Thank You" They came for an old fashioned barn-raising to bring back the Animal Rescue, which was destroyed by GA Tornadoes on April 4, 2011. As part of this celebration of the American spirit, Ingles was there to do what we do best: feed the volunteers, provide a cool drink on a hot day and bring the community closer together.

Education of Children

Through our Tools for Schools program, Ingles has donated more than $7,900,000 in educational equipment to schools in the communities we serve. We are proud to be able to assist our schools in purchasing these needed supplies.

In addition to our Tools for Schools program, we offer $80,000 in college scholarships annually to our associates and their children. 

Eliminating Hunger

Ingles maintains a strong commitment to the fight against hunger in our communities by donating to local food banks to feed the hungry. 

Toys For Tots


Meeting Specific Community Needs

For community needs, both large and small, we do our best to lend a helping hand. Recognizing the need for non-profit organizations to raise funds, we offer a unique opportunity to turn your next fund-raiser into Fun-Raising! In addition, Ingles has supported many community projects through volunteer and financial contributions. 

Donation requests for specific community needs are reviewed quarterly by our Corporate Giving Committee.

To submit a request please include a copy of your 501(c)(3) status, the type and amount of contribution you are seeking, and a summary of how this will benefit the community. We prefer to give to non-profit organizations that share one of our three interests (Education of Children, Elimination of Hunger, and Meeting Specific Community Needs).

Please note that Ingles receives a significant number of requests and while we encounter many good causes, because of the high volume we are just not able to fulfill all requests. Our community giving program guidelines focus exclusively on certified non-profit organizations who share our same mission; therefore, through this giving program we are not able to support specific individuals, sporting events, dinners, or luncheons. For schools with needs, please join our Tools for Schools program where we have donated more than $15,011,630 to benefit education. 

Submit requests on your organization's letterhead to:

Ingles Markets - Corporate Giving Committee
PO Box 6676
Asheville, NC 28816